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Fornia: Joxe denounces “a fabric of untruths” and demands “public apologies”

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – JOEL SAGET – | Pierre Joxe, December 19, 2014 in Paris

Accused of sexual assault by the writer Ariane Fornia at the Opera Bastille in Paris in the spring of 2010, former minister Pierre Joxe denounced in a “development” Monday “a fabric of untruths” and asked ” written and public apology “without complaint.

Former member of the Constitutional Council and figure of the mitterrandie, Mr. Joxe returns, in a written declaration to AFP, on what he describes as “calumnious denunciation” and “scandalous”, whose “inanity (… ) results first from its very improbability “.

He dissects a post from the blog of Ms. Fornia, also daughter of the former Sarkozyist Minister Eric Besson, published on October 18 and entitled “#moiaussi: for shame to change camp”. Ms. Fornia describes a sexual assault by a “former minister of Mitterrand”, later named as Pierre Joxe, during a performance at the Opera Bastille.

“The contradictions that undermine this narrative discredit it entirely,” said Mr. Joxe, stating that he was only once at the Opera Bastille “at the time mentioned” for “a representation of the Gold of the Rhine “by Richard Wagner.

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – PIERRE VERDY – | Ariane Fornia, August 30, 2007 in Paris

“I made sure that tonight, as always since its creation, the Gold Rhine was performed without intermission,” continues Mr. Joxe, before pointing out that in its description, Ms. Fornia “tells the story arrival of his father + at intermission + “.

Contacted by AFP, Eric Besson did not respond but he replied Monday to Pierre Joxe on his Twitter account: “Mr. Joxe, I will answer an investigator or a judge and, I hope, to you, My daughter decides tonight with Me Fedida, her lawyer.

Asked a little later by a twitto deeming “regrettable” that he “did not file a complaint at the time not to interfere with (his) function of minister”, the former minister of Nicolas Sarkozy posted a second tweet: “It was not because I was a minister! Being a father was and remains more important, but at the time, my daughter did not want, I respected.”

In his statement, Pierre Joxe noted that, in his story, his accuser explained not to be able to “focus on the death of the Gods and the vocalizations of the singer”.

“There is no question of the + death of the Gods + in the Rhine Gold”, replies Mr Joxe. And “we do not hear either + vocalises +”, he insists.

“I am sure that any attentive and good-minded reader of his text will judge the so-called + testimony of Mrs. Besson for what it is, namely a fabric of untruths, a phantasmagoria coined for her literary blog +, but especially an incomprehensible aggression, “says Joxe.

If he says he will ask “no redress to his + author +, nor to his father who is said yet ready to + testify +”, Mr. Joxe asks “a written and public apology, especially to newspapers that have broadcast without verification “.

“The damage I suffered, because it exists, is purely moral and ultimately quite limited because, fortunately for me and for my relatives, among all those who know me, no one has believed for a moment to this incredible + evening at the Opera +, “says Mr. Joxe again.

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