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Trump denies asking the FBI to close the Flynn investigation

Ⓒ AFP – Mandel Ngan – | Donald Trump is on his way to board the presidential plane, Air Force One, on Saturday, December 2 at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport

US President Donald Trump denied Sunday that he had asked former FBI director James Comey to close an investigation into his former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who pleaded guilty to having lied about his conversations with the US ambassador. Russia.

“I never asked Comey to stop investigating Flynn, only (it’s) another False News covering another Comey lie,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

Trump had insisted on Saturday that his campaign team did not collude with Moscow in last year’s US election, and blamed the Justice Department and its rival Hillary Clinton.

On that occasion, the president stated that Flynn had not done anything illegal during the transition period, between his victory in November and his arrival at the White House in January.

“I had to fire General Flynn because he had lied to the vice president (Mike Pence) and the FBI, he pleaded guilty to those lies, it’s sad because his actions during the transition were legal, he had nothing to hide!” on Twitter on Saturday.

Special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation into Moscow’s interference in the 2016 election is now approaching Trump. If you can prove a collusion with Russia or an obstruction of justice, a procedure to remove the president should not be ruled out.

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