National Front: the name change validated by activists

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – PHILIPPE HUGUEN – | The principle of a change of name of the National Front has been validated by a “narrow majority”

The principle of a change of name of the National Front has been validated by a “narrow majority” of right-wing party activists, invited to decide in a questionnaire, said Thursday the President of FN Marine Le Pen.

“It is reassuring that there is a majority for the change of name because the question asked was rather anxiety-provoking: she did not make proposal” new name, commented before some journalists the leader frontist.

Marine Le Pen will propose a new name Sunday during her closing speech at the FN Congress in Lille, where she is guaranteed to be re-elected. She is the only candidate for her own estate.

The new name will then be voted by activists by mail, the result will be known after at least 6 weeks.

“Would you support a change of name of the National Front?” was the question asked to FN militants, who could answer with “yes” or “no”.

“If so, would you have a proposal for a new name?” was the next question.

The new name to be proposed Sunday is known only by “a number of people” and it was stated by activists in the questionnaire, according to Ms. Le Pen.

Refusing to reveal the new name, Ms. Le Pen said she found “nerdy” the name “patriots”, already taken by the new party created by his former adviser Florian Philippot, who slammed the door of the FN in September. “I have the impression to see the BBR (Blue-White-Red) 80s”. The BBR celebrations of FN activists were organized every year from 1981 to 2006 in response to the festivities of Humanity and the arrival of the left of power.

“I always preferred the word nation to the word homeland,” added Le Pen, for whom the word “front” has a “military” connotation.

On France 3 Sunday, she dismissed the possibility that it is “The nationals” as suggested by the MP Gilbert Gardard Collard. “Gilbert is wrong,” she said.

Marine Le Pen said he had “managed to convince” his father Jean-Marie Le Pen of a name change after the 2002 presidential election, arguing that “it was the moment”. “He was rather seduced but the old guard convinced him not to do it”.

When she succeeded her father as head of the party in 2011, she did not want to change her name “because it was already a big change”, preferring “to evolve (the party) in a gentle way”.

However, Marine Le Pen warned that “things” were not “definitely done” on the name. If, in fine, activists refuse the new name, “it will be + no +”, she warned.

The FN initially considered an Internet vote, but “we can not risk suspicion,” said Le Pen.

The militants of the National Front will therefore express themselves by post, a method provided for in the new statutes on which the delegates will vote Saturday.

The National Front had promised to publish in January the results of the questionnaire, sent to some 51,000 contributors, of whom 27,000 responded.

The part allowing to “better know” the militants has not yet been stripped. Only the results of the second part on issues outside the movement will be presented at the congress on Saturday.

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