Death of Jean-Claude Servan-Schreiber, former resistant and discreet figure of the dynasty

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – – – | Undated photo of the resistant, press man and Gaullist deputy, Jean-Claude Servan-Schreiber died in Paris, April 11, 2018, day of his 100 years

Resistant press man and Gaullist deputy Jean-Claude Servan-Schreiber, a discreet figure of the dynasty that has distinguished itself in politics and journalism, died Wednesday in Paris, the day of his 100 years, announced his family .

His father, Robert, founded Les Echos while his mother, Suzanne Crémieux, was vice-president of the Radical Party and senator. He was also the cousin of the charismatic Jean-Jacques, said JJSS, with whom he did not get along and with whom he will launch L’Express, and Jean-Louis who successfully launched the magazine Psychologies and created L’Expansion .

“My father was born on April 11, 1918 at 1 pm He left today at 1 pm Jean-Claude Servan-Schreiber, commander of the legion of honor, cross of war (5 palms and star), medal, medal deportees, escapees etc. The old soldier rests in peace, “his son Pierre announced on Twitter.

His daughter, producer Fabienne Servan-Schreiber, confirmed to AFP the death occurred at mid-day at the Hospital des Invalides.

At 92, in 2010, Jean-Claude Servan-Schreiber published his “memories” (“Head High”) but the book went unnoticed. In anger, the French-Russian academician and writer, Andreï Makine, attempted in 2014 in “The country of Lieutenant Schreiber”, to rehabilitate his memory, enraged that France does not know more, according to him, honor his heroes.

His struggle made “their true density the words that no longer dared to pronounce: heroism, sacrifice, honor, fatherland, I also learned how, in today’s world, this French voice could be censored, smothered, “wrote Makine.

Born on April 11, 1918 in Paris, Jean-Claude decides, young, to embrace a military career. From 1939 to 1941 he was an infantry lieutenant.

But because of his Jewish background, he is forced to leave the army. He will hardly join Algeria and Free France.

After the war and a passage by Sciences Po, he worked with his father, as commercial director of Echoes. The newspaper was founded in 1908 by Robert and his brother Emile, the father of “JJSS” and Jean-Louis.

Subsequently, in 1953, he took part in the launch of L’Express (which at first was a political supplement to Échos), alongside JJSS. In 1958, he succeeded his father at the head of Echoes but the newspaper was sold in 1963.

Admirer of General de Gaulle, Jean-Claude Servan-Schreiber will then chair the French Publicity Board and will be UNR (Union for the New Republic) deputy of the Seine from 1965 to 1967.

He recalled in “Head High” that “Servan” was used for the first time in 1917 by Emile who signed under this pseudo (inspired by the Breton village of Saint-Servan) an essay on the United States and Europe. This name, which “pleased the whole family,” will later be attached to Schreiber.

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